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- A. R. Bates
- Virginia Wagner


- B. M. Bates


Worldwide Support, Inc. was established in 1991 by two retired U.S. Air Force officers, Albert R. Bates (Col) and Dan Wagner (Capt.). The purpose of the company was to provide Logistics Engineering Services to countries in the Middle East and Italy.
This region was selected because of the extensive experience the founders had in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Pakistan and Italy. WSI also represented several major U.S. companies in the region and became well-known as an honest and capable representative.

Wsi: Company ProfileWsi: Company Profile

In 1999, the company was designated as a Disabled Veterans Business Enterprise in California and federally designated as a Service Disabled Veterans Owned Business. The WSI focus changed to doing business in the U.S., specifically in California.

The company became qualified under the California Multiple Award Service (CMAS) in the areas of Independent Project Oversight Consultant, Program Management, Training, Video Production and Film Media, Web Site Development and Maintenance, and other Information Technology Skills. At this time the third principal was added, Dan Turney. The second (other) Dan is a retired USAF Lt. Col.

In 2006, a foreign division was added to provide consulting for legal marriage and travel abroad. This new capability is based in Florence, Italy and has wedding in Tuscany and travel coordinators in all major cities in Italy.

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