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1955-1982, Albert R. Bates served in the U.S. Air Force after graduating from U.C.L.A.  He completed navigator training at Ellington AFB and became a lead crew member of the B-47 unit at March AFB, California.  After winning the SAC bombing competition in 1957, his crew was selected for upgrade to B-52s at Westover AFB, Massachusetts.  Al flew combat alert sorties during the Cuban crisis and amassed over 400 hours in one month.  He was promoted to Chief of Bombing for the 99th Bomb Wing (H) and subsequently became Chief of Bombing for 8th Air Force.

In 1967, Major Bates was selected to become Chief of Operations Plans at Utapao AB, Thailand.  In that position he was responsible for preparing crews to fly combat sorties into Vietnam and also flew over 40 missions into both North and South Vietnam.  He was awarded the Bronze Star for combat operations among several other awards.  In 1969, his experience and success in leading combat operations resulted in his appointment to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and subsequent assignment to the President’s Permanent Joint Board on Defense, Canada and United States.  As Military Secretary to the Board, Lt Colonel Bates learned the value of international relations and negotiations with nations holding differing views on defense issues.

In 1972, Al was selected to attend the NATO Defense College in Rome, Italy where he developed further his planning and international skills.  Upon completion of the NATO College, Colonel Bates was appointed Chief of Policy for the Southern Region of NATO.  It was during this tour of duty that he became close friends of military and civilian personnel living in the Mediterranean Region and Middle East.  In 1975 he returned to his home station at Ft. Meade, Maryland to serve as D/Director of Logistics, National Security Agency.  During the next three years he led the expansion and reordering of intelligence operations worldwide

In 1978, Colonel Bates was selected to join the senior staff at McClellan AFB, CA and subsequently manage several international logistics programs.  Foremost, was the reopening of relations with Turkey and the modernization of the Turkish Air Force logistics capabilities.  This program was subsequently recognized as the blue print for Foreign Military Sales Programs.  In addition to FMS programs, Al was appointed Director of Distribution and developed innovative employee work programs that resulted in significant savings in Air Force funds.  In 1981, Colonel Bates was appointed Director of Inspections for the Air Force Logistics Command where he developed new inspection processes for the F-111 and Nuclear Storage Facilities.

Colonel Bates has been the recipient of many honors during his long career, not the least of which was being honored as Captain of the UCLA baseball team in 1954.  Other awards were, Legion of Merit with two Oak Leaf Clusters, Bronze Star for Combat, Vietnam Service Ribbon, Bomb Comp winner’s trophy, Expert Marksman Ribbon, etc.

After retirement from military service, Mr. Bates was appointed to the Federal Civil Service and assigned to Turkey for two years to complete the Turkish Logistics Modernization Program.  In 1984, a secret Air Force program was experiencing difficulties and GM-15 Bates was asked to assume System Program Manager Responsibilities for the F-117A fighter.  He accepted and for the next 6 years the Stealth Fighter Program was recognized as the most successful “black program” in the Department of Defense.  Coordinating the efforts of two major contractors and approximately 75 subcontractors, the F-117A was developed into a lethal military force and demonstrated its decisive impact during the Gulf Wars in 1990 and 2001.

Mr. Bates retired from Federal Government in 1990 and started Worldwide Support, Inc.  He has served as President of the company through the present time.  Al and his wife, Annie, reside in Sacramento, CA.

For the past 18 years, WSI under Bates, Colonel, USAF (Ret) leadership has conducted logistic engineering projects in Turkey, Italy, Pakistan, and other Middle Eastern countries.  WSI has represented the Northrop Corporation, Lockheed-Martin, Allied-Signal, General Electric, Chadwick Helmut and others on a variety of projects.  In 1999, Bates refocused the company’s efforts and gained work in California.  WSI has provided professional services to the Department of Health and Human resources, Social Services, the Department of Forestry, the Department of Education, the Children and Families Commission, the California Department of Corrections and the Department of Motor Vehicles.  In 2005, WSI opened a division in Italy to provide destination weddings in Italy.  This division offers full services for weddings, conferences, group vacations and more.  Further, Al actively supports the California Aerospace Museum, the Air Force Association (ch 116), UCD Cancer Foundation, the Blinded Veterans Association, the Disabled Veterans Association, the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion.

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